Saturday, February 13, 2010

Swap package from Keri!

Earlier this week my swap-package finally arrived after a 3 day stop at the post office since they didn't let me know they had it there *grr*

It was awesome! I love everything in it!

Keri sent me:
A wonderful interchangeable needle-storage made of beautiful Dala-horse fabric.

A gorgeous accessory-pouch in Navy Fields of Sheep fabric.

Tempted Good Grrl in the color Dala-horse, it's really wonderful.

7 flavors of Kool-Aid so that I can dye some more yarn :D Will use some of these for the Downhill Dyeing event at Ravelympics :D
There was Jerky and chocolate. Chocolate seems to have disappeared, suddenly it was just all gone ;) I've still got most of the Jerky left but only because I put in the cupboard to not eat it all at once.
There were some chew-bones for the dogs. Gin and Bea loved them!

There were also BBQ-sauces & BBQ-rub. And a Caramel Pecan Apple Butter that taste wonderful!
And plastic sheet protectors in US-letter format, it's impossible to get here and I need a couple, now I think I have enough for a lifetime ;)

There was a wonderful white wolf as well.

Wolfie unfortunately arrived with a broken leg but it healed up nicely with some super-glue :)

I really loved my package. And all my interchangeable needles got immediately stuffed into their new home. And the Sheep-bag got filled with my fixed circular needles :) Yarn is waiting for the right pattern but will probably become a shawlette.
BBQ-sauces got tried tonight for dinner and they were great!

Keri is a wonderful swap-partner and I really appreciate having her as my friend.
She's the one who got me to sign up for the Ravelympics as well, all I needed was a nudge ;)


Keri said...

The pups look so happy! Slick has "lost" his toys - I think they are under the entertainment center, I need to get down there and dig them out. Thank you so much for the lovely swap, Rose-Marie! it was a lot of fun. I'm a little disappointed that the wolf broke his leg, but it looks like he's been fixed up just right so all is well.

Cathie Jones said...

Looks like a successful swap! I love the Dala Horse yarn. And who knew you could dye yarn with Jello?? Well, I guess a lot of people probably do, but I didn't! ;^)