Friday, November 21, 2008

Zuma bag

Yay! My Namaste Zuma handbag in Peacock is on it's way!
I just got a message telling me that! Hopefully it will get here in about a week, maybe in time for next weekend?

I can't wait to get it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Visit down south...

We're down south (outside Gothenburgh, in Lödöse) visiting my parents this weekend since my dad turned 60 years old yesterday. We had a great party that mum made great food for! We're going home in a couple of hours, and will be home about 6 hours after that.

This morning me and R (husband) took Bea for a nice long walk, we were out for at least 75 minutes, maybe more. And it's cold here, ice one the puddles, frost on the grass. We brought the camera along and got some great pictures I think, those will come up later on when we've gotten home and emptied the camera.

I've gotten some knitting done this weekend as well, since we drove down on saturday morning it was perfect light for knitting all the way, even though I didn't knti all the way. But I finished the toepart of one sock so I could start knitting on the footpart yesterday. I also knitted about 20 cm on my scarf. And a couple of rounds on my super-green socks. Pictures will be posted later, see above.

Wev'e also had quite a lot of game-sightings this week. Earlier this week Bea made a run for some hares (? rabbit-like but not rabbits) and this friday she tried to get some ducks for lunch, she was on the leash and on got one leg dipped in the lake before giving up that tought tough.
Later the same day she and R spotted 2 hares and 2 deers during the evening walk. And when we drove down here on saturday we almost had an accident with a moose, we have good brakes though and managed to stop several meters from it when it crossed the road. I've never seen a real live moos that close before, only a hint of it in the woods beside the raod when I was a kid.
Then when me and Bea took a morning walk yesterday and I stupidly enough had her free she made a run after 4 deers, she came back after a couple of minutes though but it was enough to make me terrified and get a stress-headache :S I leashed her and we kept walking. After about 10 minutes I look into the forest beside the path I was on and see 2 mooses about 50 meters from me... I'm pretty sure it was a moose-cow(?) and her calf but I'm not sure. After that we picked up the pace and quickly headed home. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me and today they didn't show them self :/

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shiba Inu puppy Cam

I got a link to the cutest webcam ever!

How can you not want a puppy after looking at these cuties for a while???