Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lots of news

Lots has happened since I wrote last.

Last weekend, on Saturday, we went to a Shiba Inu-meeting/get-together/picnic, it was great. I sold raffle-tickets, and bought some as well. I won some useful stuff.
Gin got to meet his mom as well as his breeders and the people we had as teachers for our puppy-class this spring.
Bea got to lay in the sun for as long as she wanted, and they both got to meet lots of other Shibas which I think they enjoyed.
Here's a pic of Bea in the sun.

On Sunday I went to Kolmården with some Shiba-friends to meet the wolves.
They have a couple of groups of socialized wolves that they use for wolf-encounters. That means you get to go in to the pen with the wolves. It was a wonderful experience and I will go again as soon as I get a chance!
The alpha-male and female decided that my hair was either smelling really nice or wasn't dirty enough. I think I'll just let the photos Susann took say the rest :D

The next couple of wolf-photos are taken by Susann.

I took a few photos my self as well, here they are.

I also had my birthday this week. I got some really nice presents. From Roger I got Doctor Who season 1 and five of Wendy Johnson's sock-patterns. From my parents I got enough yarn (Dream in Colour Smooshy Chinatown Apple) to knit Wendy's Order to Chaos circular shawl. And some training-mats to use for blocking lace. From 2 of my sisters I got shower-stuff from Lush, some of it pictured here along with some Scrubbies I made today. And from my father-in-law and his girlfriend I got some nice Kauni Effekt-yarn that I will use for a triangular shawl I think.

I also finished mom's socks this weekend. She loves them and apparently they fit perfectly :D

Whew! That was a long post.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Socks and hat

I'm done with the first of mum's socks and almost finished with the increases on the second sock.
In between the socks I finished a hat I started for my self this winter. I havn't got any photos yet but it will come...soon I think. Not sure when.
Not feeling to good right now, hot and cold at the same time, my throath seems a bit scratchy and I've had a massive headache all day(but that's probably since I didn't drink enough water, or fluids at all, yesterday). Drinking tea with honey now hoping it will help.