Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gin & Bea

I finally found a puppy-class in the club where I want to go, Södertälje BK. It starts on May 4th. Hopefully we'll get a spot, I did reply only hours after I got the email stating that they we're going to have another puppy-class.

I also entred Gin to his first show, it's on May 21th. I think I'll be more nervous than him.

Bea and Gin gets along great! They play a lot! He never might seem like he's about to win when they wrestle but it always end up with her sitting on top of his head *lol*

He grows quickly, he already weighs 7,1 kg, well he did last wednesday at least. I think he'll be about 7,5 this week. I have to find a way to measure his height though.

Here are some photos of Bea and Gin!

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mono said...

Så utrolig vakre Shiba-er dere har!! =)